Working With Millennials

Millennials have work characteristics and tendencies from their parents. They are used to working in teams and are more open to making friends at the workplace and can work well with diverse groups of people. Millennials are brought up in an environment in which diversity is the norm. While having a can do attitude towards the tasks they are also very optimistic about achieving their goals and are ready to take on the world. They search for leadership from their managerial coworkers but they need people who respect their ideas and creative ways of getting around their tasks. They are always ready for new challenges that are thrown at them and they often tend to get better with every challenge they face.

Provide structure:

Reports should have realistic due dates and the job should have fairly regular hours. Certain activities should be scheduled every day. Millennials don’t like to be boxed in but it is better to give them all the insight about how everything works at your workplace. Goals should be stated clearly so they clearly understand what they need to do in order to achieve them.

Provide leadership and guidance:

Millennials need someone to look up to and learn from. They also need your feedback on a regular basis. They want to know the entirety of the job they are trying to do. Spend time with them and coach according to your goals. They want you to invest in their success.

Encourage self-assurance:

Millennials are always ready to take on the world. They know they have the potential to do the tasks that are given to them. Encourage them to think out of the box and appreciate them for their new ideas. They are always searching for an opportunity to provide input or suggest new ideas. Encourage them to speak their thoughts.

Encourage them to join teams:

They are used to working in teams in comparison to the older generations where lone attitude was highly showcased every day. Millennials, due to this trait tend to achieve more while doing work together. They are experienced with achieving collective success. You can also coach or train them as a team to work more efficiently.

Listen to the millennial employee:

Millennials are used to having their parents giving them attention all the time. These adults have ideas and they don’t take it very well if someone ignores their thoughts.

Millennials are up for challenge and change:

They want tasks that challenge them every day. Since they get bored easily they seek a job where there is an ever changing effect in their tasks. Don’t ignore their voice when they are trying to communicate.

Provide a life-work balance workplace:

Millennials are used to doing multiple activities at one time. They work hard while being a part of many other activities. Don’t lose sight of this, give them the balance they need to work accordingly in your workplace.