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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

The essence of information technology security or as it is commonly called, Cyber security, cannot be underestimated. Since the creation of the internet, more persons and institutions have produced numerous software and devices that has made reliance on computers increase.

It is believed that cyber security protects only the computer software. This is a wrong assumption because cyber security encompasses the protection of the hardware and software of a computer. We now send emails mostly as compared to the use of postal services. Banking and online transactions and numerous advantages that the information technology advancements (cyber security) have brought us.

However, there are exploitable vulnerabilities that come as a weakness in design, execution and operation (especially) of the computer and the cyberspace. These vulnerabilities expose important information in our devices to damage. Without cybersecurity measures, owners can lose important files and documents stored on their computers.

Most of these vulnerabilities have been discovered and they are documented in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database.

In past years, the available cyber security protection could defend the user and institutions from viruses, minor glitches and a few other things that we probably already know. But with the improved cybersecurity protection platforms, the user is protected from a wider range of vulnerabilities. You are now protected from things like backdoor entrances (an algorithm that allows hackers to bypass your regular security controls and have unlimited access), (Distributed) Denial-of-Service attack, direct access attack, eavesdropping, multi-vector or polymorphic attacks, phishing, privilege escalation, tampering, spoofing and a few other cyberspace spams that are aimed at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information on the computer.

Every year, cyber threat researchers work diligently in their quest to investigate new and upcoming threats. They educate the public and their work basically is to make the internet safer for everyone.

There are three pillars of cyber security that implement the control of the computer. They are: People, Processes and Technology.

These three approaches help organization protect themselves from organized and opportunistic attacks. The people play a very crucial role to cyber security because it is their awareness that reduces cyber-attacks. For example, if an employee notices a glitch on the computer, he is able to control it before the loss of any important document.

Concerning the process, there is need for cybersecurity measures to be reviewed continually so that the people can easily access and use them.

Technology centers on both the people and the process pillars. It takes into consideration the specific threats that would be posed against a user or a particular institution. Take a bank for example, the cyber threats that could be imposed on them would be transferring large amount of money out of the bank without as much as a gun.

The cybersecurity protection measures we have available now, take all these into consideration and offer the best protection from viruses, malwares, bots, threats or whatever form they may take. A person surfing the internet without any cybersecurity protection might be taking a larger risk compared to a man plunging headfirst into a shallow pond.

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