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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

The technology world has paved ways for many, as great opportunities continue to unfold. Technology employees’ rate among the highest paid in the United States, and this is because of the diversity of the work specifications, as well as, the great necessity placed on tech in the United States. If you have been wondering whether to plunge headfirst into the pool, then you have your confirmation. Ride on.

Top software engineering roles, when compared to other professionals, can earn tech workers far higher salary cut.  Research from the Tech Republic, showed us that in San Francisco, there are the search engineers (software engineers that start out with at least the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, search engine parameters and web analytics. They develop and program search engines to utilize web content to achieve the best possible rankings in search results) that get paid to as high as $157,000 on an average. Security engineers averaging to a not so close margin of $156,000 and even the blockchain engineers (another one of the top paid engineering role in software development) who earn between a ranges of $150,000 to $175,000 in annual salaries on the average.

Here’s are top ten cities where tech guys earn the most and their average salaries:

San Francisco ($145,000)

Seattle ($138,000)

New York ($133,000)

Los Angeles ($128,000)

Boston ($127,000)

Austin ($125,000)

Washington, D.C ($123,000)

Denver ($117,000)

Chicago ($114,000)

San Diego ($113,000)

Truthfully, some tech workers do not get paid to the average expected annual salary as enlisted here, due to the many factors involved in the assertion of wages. This includes the fact that two guys doing the same job in two different ways will end up getting paid differently. Nonetheless, it still stands out.

The increase in tech worker salaries reveals the changing growth mindset of these workers in these professions. Their constant innovations and inventions give them a cutting-edge amidst other many professions.

In New York City, gaming engineers make over $147,000 on the average, and despite the steep competition in the city, there is fairly more than enough to go around for all. Blockchain engineers in the city are recorded to even earn as high as $137,000 in a year.

Coming in second position on the list is Seattle. Reports have it that there are over 137,000 tech jobs available and despite the number, the workers are well paid. Software engineering takes forward thrust as usual, but the overall average wage is for these tech workers is set at $138,000 with some workers (especially those in the top position) earning as high as $155,000 and some workers earning as low as $113,906.

The only issue here is that most of the cities that high paid jobs eventually find the cost of living in the city averagely on the rise. Thus the difference, though clear, may still be a little less than our expectation.

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