Top 3 Sporting Goods Independent Retailers

According to the United States Bureau of labor statistics, about 19.3% of the total US population physically engaged in sport in 2019. As we recover from the COVID19 pandemic where social distancing, isolation, and the rather unfortunate aura of the grim reaper filled the air, sporting activities will resume in full force. 

Research suggests that sporting goods store sales throughout the United States of America exceed 40 billion dollars each year. Here are the top 3 sporting goods independent retailers in the US.

Alfred Sports Shop

Located in Northern New Jersey, Alfred Sports Shop has fifty years wealth of experience in meeting the demands for sporting goods. Alfred is your one-stop center for quality sports gears, equipment, and apparel either at the bulk or small order levels. Through its working partnership with some of the best embroidery and screen printers in the united states, Alfred offers personalized sport wears for high schools, universities, and colleges. 

Alfred deserves commendation for holding its head and surviving for fifty years and counting in a market dominated by large multinational retailing giants. Alfred is a leader in personalized websites for sports teams and fund-raising websites in New Jersey.

Appalachian outfitters

Appalachian outfitters focus on the sale of outdoor sporting gear and equipment. This independent sporting goods retailer is a leader in paddle sports equipment like kayaks, PFDs, high-quality footwear and gloves, and dry storage for men and women. Customers can also purchase high-quality climbing leather shoes, ropes, slings, webbing, and a cord. There are also climbing hardware like quickdraws, ascenders, belay and rappel, quickdraws, etc., for your outdoor fun. 

By focusing on a less saturated niche, Appalachian Outfitters has limited competition, which enables it to position itself as a leader in the outdoor sporting goods retail niche. What distinguishes Appalachian outfitters from the pack and earned it a place in our top sporting goods independent retailers is its information-packed website, where useful tips and information on outdoor sports like kayaking and mountaineering abounds.

All Seasons Sports

Fishing enthusiasts especially will find delight in the wide range of fishing items and equipment available for sale in this independent retail store. Whether you are a fan of ice fishing, big lake fishing, spey fishing, All Seasons Sports’ huge inventory will satisfy your needs. Also offered for sale are hunting gear and apparel, durable gloves, hats, rain gear, hats, jackets, etc. Located in Wright county, All Seasons’ Sports have been in sports goods retailing and repair services for about three decades. 


Our top sporting goods independent retailers were ranked because of their competitive pricing, top-notch customer service, and premium high-quality sporting goods that are easily purchased through their user-friendly websites.

To maximize their potential in a growing market, independent sporting retailers must continue to offer customer-centric innovative solutions to some of the challenges facing sportsmen in the country; their business model must show market risks from well-established whales in the industry and how to tackle them head-on.  

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