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Sport Events You Could Learn From

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

During sport events there are so many opportunities to learn through seminars, networking, and educational classes. Interestingly, you can find hundreds of retail events, summits, and conferences nationally and we have a list of a few that just might be a great benefit to your business.

SHAPE America: American organization providing support to professionals specializing in health, physical education, recreation and dance.

Sport and Fitness Industry Association : Focuses on core product areas for the industry. 

ISGRAManagement Conference and Team Dealer Summit: Education sessions, speed networking events, and connect with industry leaders.

Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo: Healthcare event featuring healthcare and wellness industries.

International Conference on Physical Education and Sport Science: Share ideas and experience in person with peers expected to join from different parts of the world.

Philadelphia Health & Fitness Expo-Rock n Roll: Exhibits the latest in running gear, sports apparel, health & nutritional information and much more.

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