Relationship Building Versus Selling

Relationships play a vital role in your sales success. The time that you spend with your customer is very important. Every person who is connected with your company are very important to the client you are working with. Building relationships will help strengthen your customers trust in you and your brand, this can ultimately lead to a growth in sales. These relations are more important than sales because it leads to growth.

Competition is standing at every corner and they are ready to steal your business. This is what happens in a free market. If you have stolen a supplier from a direct competitor, be careful because this doesn’t mean they will work with you forever. You need to focus on building valuable relationships with your suppliers and buyers, so, they feel attached to your company. This is the reason why relationship building is more important than selling.

Customers, before doing business with a company they think about what kind of values you are offering to them. If your business made them feel like they have a connection with you or if they can trust you they won’t purchase the same product or service from another business or company to get it. The first step is to listen to the customer, hear what they need. Ask questions that can help you get a clearer idea of what they have in mind. Once you make a real conversation with them all of the issues will go away. Connect the dots and share stories they can relate to also include how a problem can surface and how the company and people helped solve it. Once you understand what their problem is, you can easily give them the confidence they need to do business with you. Nobody wants to buy a product from a salesperson, they want to buy it from a friend.

Give them an outlet to communicate their problems it also opens a door for you to make money on their vulnerability, that actually sounds harsh but this can help you make the leads convert into sales effortlessly. You are relating to them and they are relating to you and developing a relationship which will make them come to your company to do business with it again. This will maintain the sales of your company.

You can have day to day meetings with your sales staff, ask them to tell you all the stories that had happened previously and trust their memories. This can help you analyze if you have built the relationship that you have been looking for with the client. Once you have developed the relationship then and only then it is time to talk about the price of the product or services. If you rush thing you might lose a potential sale and your whole plan will go unsuccessful. At this point your potential customer will be completely satisfied with what you have to offer and the price is likely to be irrelevant in the eyes of the customer.