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Offer Personalized Experience to Customers

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

The world is in an era where the business is about the customer. There are a lot of sellers and a lot of innovative principles are needed to be successful at selling to customers. It can be very intriguing to a customer when he notices the package all fitted to his/her personality. You, the seller, must break out from the belief that buyers only want to buy utility – what is useful to them. Buyers want a different experience every time they pay for something. Thus, it is beyond the product.

Here are ways you can offer personalized experience to customers.

Use their Names

Have you ever thought of using the customer’s name for the design to a product? For instance, a suit maker in France used a customer’s name as an insignia on a suit. This made the suit the best in the closet of the customer. The suit was all about him and this could be told from the name on it. The names of customers are important in making the business personalized.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

Always smile when you attend to customers except when they are discussing something sad. Be able to read emotions and know how to make them feel welcome. You must make eye contact with them so as to show how confident you are. A smile welcomes, an eye contacts tells them that you are no mediocre. Learn tips on how to make a customer feel homely when you receive them. They are looking for solution to a problem, look like a solution yourself.

Implement a loyalty program

A loyalty program is one that draws your loyal customer nearer. You are rewarding them for patronizing from you over the years; this can go a long way in strengthening their bond with your brand the more. Implement a loyalty program and give gifts, promotion, benefits to customers to appreciate their patronage. This has been put to good use by businesses all over and the benefits are enormous.

Offer Multiple Customer Service Channels

Having a single customer service channel is not effective at all. You should anticipate that many customers would want to speak with customer care representatives and this will be restricted with a single service point. Thus, have multiple. Don’t keep your customers on hold for too long because customer care representatives are busy.

Be Human

You are not a robot and what will endear customers to you in this age of artificial intelligence is being human. You have to be able to show emotions, pay attention, understand feelings, and offer advices. Your customers are human and it will be a scare when you are not in the least emotional. Offer them a good seat, get them beverage or water or whatever they might prefer. It doesn’t take much to be human; it however takes a lot to be fake – be you; be original.

Collect and Store Human Data

Ensure that the data of your customers are safe and well stored. When they come to patronize you, get down a piece or two of information about them. An important one is their email address. This will enable you to reach them to introduce new offers and services to them. They may not always be aware of promotions and offers, introduce them to the news through their mails or text messages.

Create Smooth transitions

Transition normally means moving from one stage to another. When you are about to transfer administration to a new person, ensure it is free from internal squabbles. Internal squabbles can affect your business negatively. They can send out a bad signal to your most cherished customers and may ruin your brand name. Let transitions be smooth and be with ease.

Make Recommendations

You can always recommend products or services to customers. When you make recommendations, you help the customer decide what s/he would go for. A customer may not be aware of a new idea of yours at personalizing but when you recommend, the interest in trying out the style comes. You are more knowledgeable in the business than customers; guide them on trends, options, offers, and a lot of other things.

Reward Customers for Valuable Feedback

Give rewards when customers give you feedback. Feedback can be very helpful; this is the customers taking time to reply you. It gives you an image of where you are from the perspective of the customer. You should be very happy you are getting to know a customer’s mind as to your product or service. Thus, you should reward. You can give a discount for their effort in taking time out to reply or you simply give some giveaways. If there is a need to do better, it can be done faster with you knowing what to do. You should be very attentive and smart to feedbacks.

Educate Your Customers

You know better as the seller. You follow trends, market reports, news, happening and events in your niche. Your customers don’t have the volume of information you have gathered for years. This is the reason what you should be always prepared to educate your customers. Let your customers know the right things there is in the market. It is not out of place to give catalogues as Sears was doing when it first started marketing in the late 19thcentury. Have a plan on how to pass knowledge across to your customers.

In conclusion, make it all about a customer. It is not really about you as you will not be the one to purchase the products and services. It is about them because they have the money to spend. Your aim in the long run is to make profit; money amounts to profit. Thus, personalize your business so that the customer can feel in charge and in control. Educate them as you know more, reward for their valuable feedback, be human and convey human emotions, you should offer multiple customer service channels and ensure to create a relationship with the buyer.

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