Managing VS Leading:

There is a fine line between a manager and a leader. Oftentimes the terms are synonyms with each other but their meaning and jobs are completely different. A leader is someone whom people follow without forcing them to do it on the other hand managers manage people. It might be hard for people to recognize if they are a manager or a leader. Becoming aware of these two titles will help you to know in which category do you fall under and how can you make a positive impact in your workplace.

  1. What is management?

A manager can have many titles like executive, director, or supervisor. They manage people and their tasks. It is not easy to do their job, it requires a lot of energy and patience. With so many demands they also have quite many responsibilities on their shoulders because they actually have people’s career in their hands and so much of their workplace is dependent on them. Managers have the task to assign people their respected jobs and dole out their responsibilities. You have the ability to motivate them to work in the success for your company.

  1. What is leadership?

A leader is someone whom people follow or want to follow. They have the same position just like the manager but it isn’t a requirement. They have the ability to make the most of their employees by making them motivated for their work and stronger in the progress. It is all about making your employee safe by providing them a good working environment to thrive and achieve success as a team. They make the right use of the resources they have at hand while keeping the company’s goal in their brain.

  1. Collaboration of leader on decisions:

Managers often assign tasks to people and tell them the jobs to do but employees want to get the feedback that they have achieved their day to day goals. This encourages them to do their work more effectively but a good leader acknowledges this need and make his or her employees feel appreciated and motivated for further tasks and give them a direction for better productivity. This kind of feedback not only makes the employees happy, it also makes them to do good on their upcoming tasks.

Leader can also be perceived as a person you would follow in the battle. The employees need to have complete confidence in their leaders. Leaders have to gain their employee’s trust while on the other hand managers don’t need to make their employees trust them to do a particular job. Collaborating with employees to make decisions can impact your business for good.

  1. Transformation from manager to leader:

Leaders are made with hard effort and the price to pay to become one is to achieve the goal that is worthwhile. One has to learn leadership skills to help with the transition. Some of the strong strengths of a leader is courage, challenging yourself, recognizing opportunities and many more. It takes time to become a leader from a manager but it will be worthwhile.