Make Your Day More Productive With These Simple Tricks

There are many people who wake up to the same busy schedule and a huge to do list every day. Facing the same obstacles every day can get boring for people and their productivity level might decline. This doesn’t only affect one’s performance it also changes the whole psychological behavior of a human. There are different ways to achieve productivity even in a tight schedule. Here are a few tips that can kick start your day and get things done that you want in your daily life:

  1. Write your tasks down:

Every task or commitment that is important to complete should be written down immediately. This will help you to free your mind and you will not waste your energy worrying about those specific tasks. Uncompleted tasks take up our mental energy and can affect us adversely. This will make you tired and you will get distracted easily. It is better to make a list of things that are the first priority of your day to complete.

  1. A prior planning:

The best way to schedule your whole day is to start making a mental list a day before. Take a few minutes before sleeping at night and ponder over the activities that need to be completed. This will help you prioritize your tasks. The busier the day you will have, the more you should plan before hand.

  1. Do the most unpleasant task first:

There is always that one task that we dread to do. It might be a simple phone call or a meeting you don’t want to attend. Whatever it is make sure to do it at the very beginning of your day. This will get you distracted from the guilt of not doing it and ignoring it. This will prove to be a motivating point when you complete that one dreaded task before anything else.

  1. Remove all distractions:

Distractions can be a real productivity killer. Sometimes technology that makes our life easier can also be the worst distractions in our life. They will hinder you and your path to be productive. You can always control the technology. Make sure to switch off any of the devices that might cause unnecessary distractions around you. Silence your email alerts, turn off your phone or disconnect the internet. This will help you do your job more efficiently and it will prove to be highly productive.

  1. Breaks:

It is not humanly possible to do your tasks without taking a break. It might seem like a good idea to work continuously but it will make you lose focus and you will end up doing nothing productive. No matter how much time you have, take frequent breaks to freshen up your mind from work. Take a walk around the office or stretch while sitting in your office, get a glass of water for yourself or anything. This will make your more productive and ready to take over your tasks.