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Keep Your Employees Engaged

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

In the business world, you can’t go far alone; you need your team to move fast and far. Your teammates are your employees and they must be tuned to the same goal and vision as you. You have to draft the plans and achieve the goals together. As your teammates, they must be comfortable working with you. Remember that it was not easy to get these kinds of creative and committed people on board. As such, you should keep them engaged and on track with whatever might be going on with the business.

Tips on how to keep your employees engaged will be discussed subsequently.

Clearly Define Your Vision

It must be very clear. Your vision for the business must be clearly understood by all. You should define it and let every employee of yours key into it. Having a clear vision will tell where the business is headed and ways to get there will not be farfetched. When employees are resuming for new roles in your business, one of the first things for them to clearly see is the vision of your business.

Give Employees What They Want and Need

Have interactions with your employees on what they want and what will make their jobs better done. They are the best persons to decide what they want; not you. Give them what they desire. A day off may seem big sometimes but it may be needed to get an employee in a much better shape for subsequent work.

Communicate Well and Often

Good communication increases better human relationships. Communicate well with your employees; get to hear their ideas. Many times, you may digress to issues bordering each other outside work and see how you can give advice. In your business, your employees are like family; engage in communication as much as possible.

Get Everyone Engaged

No one should be left doing nothing. Find something for everyone to do. They are getting paid to get jobs done; let them get to it. If a person has less to do, bring the person to another team to work. Getting everyone engaged is a great way to get jobs done faster and easier. When someone is not engaged, it may be the case that another is being overworked.

Coach for Success and Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Be a life coach and motivational speaker yourself. Learn how to gear your employees to get more done. If you are not good at this, buy tapes and books that can give you nuggets. The place of kindness is in the heart. It endears people to you when you do well in that aspect. Randomly, be nice. It could be a gift or giving out free lunch.

Act Fairly, Respect, and Create Trust

You are a leader and the way you act matters. Be fair in divisions and the assigning of tasks. Don’t let favoritism or partiality come in when you are dealing with your employees. Learn to respect people for who they are. As a leader, your employees have to trust you, create the trust in them. Let them be able to count on you and your decisions.

Trust and verify, but also try to make work fun

Trust your employees but verify their work. You have a supervisory duty as the head. Mistakes can occur; they are human beings. On the same wave, make work fun. Do not make it seem as if robots are the ones working; make it a friendly and fun atmosphere. This can get the best from your employees.

Give special attention to high potential employees

High potential employees are rare and when you have them, you have to give them the best to get the best. When you recruit employees, you would notice some high potential people; these people can smartly get jobs done and can help you lift your company to the next level. Google, for instance, employs only high potential persons and gives them everything to make them convenient and highly productive.

Be creative to avoid downsizing

Downsizing is when your business goes smaller and you reduce employees. This is sad news for many employees. Even if you are facing a hard time, look for ways to keep the jobs of your employees. It can be very hard to face employees you have worked with for years and tell them that the business will be reducing its staff; it can even make the remaining employees start looking for other jobs as they aren’t sure their jobs are safe in the long run.

Implement incentive programs

Bonuses, vacation days, and other incentives can make employees give their best to your business. Draw up a list of incentives and perks that can interest your employees and give them. With this, you are telling them you appreciate their efforts and you encourage them to do more.

Give employees some control over their work

We work in different ways and you can’t always expect an employee to follow your methods. Let employees follow their methods and do get their jobs done in the way they feel most convenient. What you have to do as a leader is to give workable deadlines and it is for the employee to meet it. Many employers have sent away high potential employees over being too intrusive into the way the job is done.

Help employees get really good at their jobs

Work them through processes, bring experts and consultants to talk and have classes with them. Just ensure that you are helping them do better at their jobs. It may cost you some time and money but they are investments in your business.

Give employees a clear purpose

Working with a clear purpose makes the job more enjoyable. Let the employee know where he is headed with his role or duty. It will be a big problem when the business has no purpose and thus has nothing to give employees. Have clear purpose and get your employees in sync with it.

In conclusion, the way you see your employees matter a lot. You should see them as teammates with you acting as the captain. You should make decisions and work on it together. Do your best to make your employees happy and effective.

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