How To Market Your Product To Your Distributors

A product is not a product until it gets sold. Landing yourself a distributor might be problematic for you. They are mostly concerned with the level of profit they will make, the cost of stocking and fulfilling your product, whether your product is scalable and whether your product diversity. To make your distributors do business with you here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Retail pitch plan:

Get an access to the regional retail chains by making a quick list of stores you would like to approach. Make sure your product is compatible with their current merchandising plans. Then reach out to the distributors then send them a pitch package that has a cover letter, a press kit, and product samples.

  1. Straight to the point:

Buyers in your regional market will only give you a limited time to pitch your product in front of them so it is imperative to approach them with a well prepared and concise presentation. Avoid telling them stories and get straight to the point. Discuss the price points, product warranties, manufacturing capabilities and data on consumer needs.

  1. Branding:

One of the best ways to get your regional retailers interested is to build a solid following on social media. Before you go on the first meeting make a name for yourself so they know what is your brand worth and this will also help you not lose your precious time.

  1. Slow and steady:

Start with growing your business and building your brand. Get the products to the regional stores before going national. Make sure your business is ready to work on large scale and low volumes which are the demands of a national store. Once you think your company can support itself in the big market continue to work your way up to the ladder.

  1. Prove yourself:

The biggest challenge for many retail chains dealing with small businesses is whether the small business will be able to keep up with the supplies. It is not impossible to skip this step and start doing business with them. You have to prove that your business can keep up with the demand and it can handle working with a big chain.

  1. Conduct interviews:

Schedule your interviews with some key decision makers. Take them to lunch or invite them on an industry related event. Prepare some questions and inquire about the process from a purely informational place. Learn all you can and apply it. This will help you to approach them with a well thought out plan.

  1. Try again:

Every business, industry and product is different. But the ones who thrive are those with persistence consistently. Try every angle, take information from consumers, gather data from people and contact people who can help you succeed.

  1. Guarantee success:

Tell distributors that you guarantee sales. There is no risk for them to let you go. Start with one store that you might think can help you get your product out there in the market. Sell out your product and move to the second store. This will make you feel confident about your product and business.