How To Handle A Negative Review

Negative reviews can be a legitimate teaching tool to improve yourself for future. They are a part of the workplace and shouldn’t be taken personally. Unfortunately, often times negative reviews happen to some of the most capable people but in the end it all depends on you, and how well you take the criticism and build yourself on the basis of it for future betterment. Many respondents cry, start looking for a new job or they quit their job just because of a negative review. Before handling the situation emotionally, let’s have a look at how to handle this situation in a more constructive way.

Firstly, stay calm through the whole process. At this point many people would feel blindsided but take what your boss has to offer without getting defensive about yourself. If your supervisor or boss is getting unprofessional or angry, one should always state the facts and practical information. Ask nicely for a constructive feedback to help you improve in the coming times. Make sure that you understand the problem and your main focus is on being solution oriented.

Create a list that highlights your accomplishments in the work place, this will help you focus and you’ll be confident when it’s time to address how you are impacting your organization positively. If negative feedback is being thrown at you, it is high time to focus on staying calm and relaxed and making sure that every negative feedback can be used as a constructive element for yourself. Some managers will give you constructive criticism and some will directly approach you with their negative comments. To understand your mistakes, ask questions so they cannot be repeated again.

Stand up for yourself if your manager is saying something incorrect,  prove to them how they are wrong while still being respectful. Politely state  your case. While you are getting your negative review, make a mental note of it and write yourself an email to help you in the future and it will make you stay on tracks to reaching your goals. Realizing your weakness and planning on how you can improve on your downsides while also keeping in mind your boss’s expectations with you can effectively rectify the situation you are dealing with currently.

When getting yourself another job, you might feel anxious, to prevent the last events from happening stay in complete communication with your boss from day one. Asking for feedback and guidelines from higher hierarchy can save you from next embarrassing negative review about your work or tasks. Better or worse all reviews help you in one way or the other. It can help you scrutinize your weaknesses and strengths in a fraction of time. Remember that everyone’s perspective is subjective, it totally depends on the opposite party. You might think you did an amazing job on a project but your manager might not think that you did it with your full potential. Work hard for future endeavors while keeping in mind your previous evaluation.