How To Follow Up New Contacts After A Conference

Conferences present opportunities to widen your professional network but you can only do so if you follow up. It may be hard to keep track of every business card you get through the whole conference but your efforts might pay off in some way or another.

When the conference ends some people might set aside the communication with other people but some of those contacts can make you achieve your dream job or work. To make this task more manageable, organize the business cards you get into three categories preferably high, medium and low priority. This will help you to manage them in a more effective way.

While you are in the conference make a list of all the business cards you get in your high, medium and low priority groups. Write down any important notes about the companies from the business cards. These notes will help you remember each person and where they are from. If you want a digital record, write the notes in your contact list. This will not only manage those contacts but will also kill time on your flight back home.

To increase the probability of success for a follow up, schedule emails carefully. Wait for some weeks after the conference to make any emails to the contacts. It is likely that many other people might be contacting them and your email might disappear between them. To make an effective communication wait for the dust to settle down after the conference to make further communication. If you have time on your hands or have some important point to make in your email, compose them early and schedule them to send them a few days later.

When sending an email be specific about what you talked about during the conference. Add links to articles you found interesting or send an idea with the email and ask some necessary questions, also make sure you try to schedule a meeting. Sending an email with boilerplate messages may seem impersonal and forgettable. A straight forward email will indicate towards building a relationship.

Following up on social media is the most effective way to connect with someone again. Search for every new contact you have on your list or their business link and request them. Message them and remind them where you both met. Use your judgement about which profile to follow or which business page is appropriate to follow them on. Social media approach can be helpful for you to follow low priority contacts without wasting time.

Whenever the opportunity arises to initiate a meeting with your contacts send them an invitation to a business event, or schedule a coffee meet. Be wise about your invitations, send them to only those potential contacts you can do business with. This will save you both your time and energy and will help you make valuable relationships within the corporate world.