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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

This quote, “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” has been around for some time now. Whoever made this quote was not wrong. The gist is, whether you like it or not, you are a product of influence. What I am trying to say is that the human race is susceptible to things we hear, we see and generally the things that are done repeatedly around us.

You have a friend that says certain slangs or has some particular principles and set rules. You might fight it at first, especially if it is something you have always known to be unacceptable. But with time and consistent hanging around such friend, you find yourself being cool with it. Though you might not have started doing those things at the time, but for sure, you know that it no longer irritates you as it used to. This is the power of influence. It rubs off on everything in its path. But I want to assume you already know all of those.

Not all poisons kill in an instance, but you can surely tell that so long it remains in your body, a toxic substance will create damage. How do you then go about uprooting those toxic relationships with those certain people?

Acknowledging: To end from a toxic friendship, you must first acknowledge that this relationship is not to your benefit and is more damaging than it is helpful. The truth is you cannot be on the positive side of everyone. There are certain people that would fall into the category of ‘not-positive’. Their lifestyle is either too rash or too daring or too provoking. Do not feel bad that you have to let go of those certain persons. For whatever reason it could be, acknowledging that it is enough, and you deserve better than this person or this group of people is the first step to freedom.

Stab sharply and exit instantly: Though most robbery attacks could have been planned for months, sometimes years; the execution takes less than thirty minutes in and out. This is how you must be in the execution of detoxification. No matter how much you try to refrain yourself from the terrible things your friends make you do, so long they are still around you, you’re still bound to do them. Once you acknowledge that the deed must be done, be as direct as possible. Walk up to them and make yourself clear. Ensure that you thank him for the time well spent and clear out everything as quickly as you can. No regrets.

Identity rediscovery: Whether a person would admit to themselves or not, the toxic individual would have definitely rubbed off some level of influence on them. You didn’t use to yell at children or at your parents, but since this person, you now have so much anger raging inside of you that you yell at everyone. Those little changes here and there have to be flushed out. Since you have successfully distanced yourself from the toxic person, you have to take your time to set your boundaries, redefine your person and start again in the truth of your own identity; far away from the monster the friends could have created.

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