How To Differentiate Your Product?

When you are selling a product that is sold by many resources without any quantity distinction it becomes exceptionally hard to make it big in the market. If you are not giving some extra benefit to your customer, your product cannot be differentiated from the product of your customers. You can give a solid reason to your customer to buy your certain product rather than getting it from your competing businesses. Compelling your customers to purchase your product is the real art of marketing. Here are a few factors that can help you differentiate your product from your competitors.

  1. Differentiating your product by price:

The first and foremost factor of making your product stand out from other mediocre products is to provide low cost values. For this purpose, you have to provide them the lowest price in the market or become a premium provider. This will help you make your targeted customers attracted towards your product.

  1. Differentiate your product by niche:

Which is one of the factors that you can develop in your business to help you dominate over your product market? Pitch your product to your niche market. Brief them about all the factors and features that set your product apart from others. Give your niche market something that can make them purchase your product, it can be a little incentive or a gift card. This will make your potential customer try your product and is especially helpful when it is your first product being pitched in the real market with competitors.

  1. Differentiating through packaging:

Before taking a decision on what the packaging should look like, try to ask some participants who are willing to be a part of your small survey, that what looks attractive on the respected products. Keeping in mind the results of your survey and your niche market try to make an attractive packaging that help you stand out from your competitors. It can be humorous or a very minimalistic style. Understand your audience and package your product accordingly.

  1. Differentiate by highlighting a feature:

Look around the products that are potential competition to you. Note down their pros and cons. Study their features and think about what feature can be explained in such a way that can be highlighted from the other products. Research the benefits of that feature and when you are trying to pitch your product make sure your potential customer is well aware of the feature. Ask yourself questions like if there is a size feature that you can work with to lure your potential customers. This will help your product differ from others easily.

  1. Differentiate by exposing the weakness of your competing products:

To know what can set you apart from your competitors, it is always helpful to read their customer’s review. This can help you pinpoint the weaknesses in their product or brand. Try to make your product free from that feature or your product will fall into the same hole.