How To Create Brand Evangelists?

There is a line between a happy customer and a brand evangelist. Happy customers are those people who are satisfied with the products and services that you provide. These are the people who like your brand and are more convinced to spread the word about your business to others. While on the other hand brand evangelists, are a total different group of people, they are not just satisfied or happy with your product, they are ecstatic about it. They are very happy with your brand and they are willing to talk about your product or service to anyone they encounter. It is very hard to cultivate that kind of a relationship between the customer and the brand but the extra investment which is required for evangelism marketing is definitely worth it.

With brand evangelists in mind we need to focus on two points, which are: the importance or ROI potential of brand evangelist. We will also look at a few strategies that can help a business kick off evangelism marketing.

Importance of cultivating brand evangelists:

A questions arises, will you a buy product that you saw online while browsing Facebook, or the one that your friend has told you about and recommended it strongly.  Practically a study shows that 92% people would rather buy a trusted product recommended by their friend and in comparison only 24% trust ads.

Now it is very clear that people prefer endorsements from your friends rather than from ads but how many evangelists can convert their friends into fellow customers and the answer is about three percent per evangelist. Every evangelist develops approximately 3 customers on average. If you cultivate around 100 evangelists, you are likely to receive 300 new customers. In a high ticket industry with a greater average customer value, the rate of referrals per evangelist is much lower but the overall effect is by no means diminished. A group of about 20 brand evangelists could bring in ten new customers to the company which can result in an additional percentage in revenue. No matter what kind of a company or business you have, evangelist can help you grow significantly in the market.

 2 ways to convert your happy customers into brand evangelist:

The benefits of evangelism marketing are pretty exciting and they are very effective for the business. Here are three tried and tested strategies that you can use to change your common customer into an ecstatic evangelist.

  1. Engage your customers with contests:

There are just a few ways to gain popularity with customers than what you can get from contests. People love a little incentive they can get for free without any hassles. Many brands use this strategy and continue to use it to engage their customers.

  1. Extra effort to interact:

Customers are attracted when the company they are doing business with, is highly communicating. It feeds to the human ego when we are acknowledged by someone. If you are pressed for time try to send a simple retweet or a Facebook comment.