How To Create A Promotional Video For Your Product

Video content can be used for different purposes, from social media posts and advertisements to email and marketing sites. How does one go from “wanting to create a video” to actually creating it. No matter what kind of a company, budget or reason for the video is there is a very basic format to make one from brainstorming to the final cut. Here are some tips to create a promotional video for your product:

  1. Identify Your Goal:

Before you start making plans and start writing a script, you’ll have to take a step back and consider why you are making the video. Videos can be expensive so it is very important to have a crystal clear idea of what you are trying to make and what goals are you trying to achieve through this video before you start writing a dialogue. Common reasons to make a video can be brand awareness, increase sales, increase traffic, increase customer engagement and to educate consumers. If you have multiple goals, you might need multiple videos to project them.

  1. Choose A Direction:

Now that you know why you want to create the video, it will make more sense to determine in which direction to go. If a company wants to make an introductory video as the homepage the goal of this video should be to introduce the brand to potential customers. A list of possible directions you can go is: introductory, problems and solutions, narrative, action driven, product focused, testimonial, endorsements or many more. Once you know your goal it will be easier for you to focus on which direction to go to.

  1. Set The Tone:

Tone can be defined as the general character and attitude. But to elaborate it, it means how your video is going to make your audience feel. Keep in mind the creative direction, it should play well with the tone you are deciding to go with. There are a variety of tones you can create your video in, you just need to know what your message is.

  1. Decide On Duration:

Decide on what will be the duration of the video, if you don’t think about this factor your video might end up too short or too long. Your idea should be portrayed quickly within your video in order to capture the attention of your consumers. Consider three factors: your goal, where the ad will appear and the overall budget.

After deciding on the tone, idea and duration; write the script which best suites with your idea. For production purposes it is better to hire a producer or a production company, decide carefully on the casting, music and post production and your video is good to go.