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Hack Your E-mail Lists; Grow and Make Sales

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

The 21stcentury marketplace requires you to do more. There used to be a time when all you had to do was to open a store, get advertised in a local newspapers, get a spot in the Yellow Pages, and so business. However, with the internet coming into the picture, the situation has been that of a bigger competition where ease and comfort are offered for almost nothing. Consumers now get to choose from a wide range of retailers and manufacturers. As much as digitalization is beneficial, it has created more problems for the retailer. The retailer now has to utilize the internet to his advantage or start thinking about leaving the business.

Tips on how to hack your e-mail list and getting more sales will be discussed subsequently.

Optimize your homepage

Your homepage is where you get to make your first impression. It is that part where you can win or lose a visitor to your website. Your homepage has to be fully optimized as your competition is just a click away from you. This is like your pitch page. Visitors to your website get to see your mission, goals, and get introduced to what you sell. You want to have them properly informed on the fact that your product or service is the best there is on the market.

You need to set your goals on how to get visitors beyond the homepage, make them take actions, and educate them. More, your content must be valuable. Visitors must get value from your website as this will convince them more of your product. Your header must be catchy and at the same time, the navigation menu must be clear, concise and responsive. Always adjust, test, add, and remove. Don’t leave your homepage dormant.

Linking to webinars

Webinars are simply online seminars, conferences, events, etc. To add more value to your customers, send them links to useful webinars. These webinars would, of course, be in your niche and this can give your customers more information about your products. Many retailers who offer body building supplements organize webinars to give tips on how to get the required body shape. These links are better sent via the mail. As a seller, you need a comprehensive list of your customer’s email so that you can always pass valuable information to them.

Make sign up easy

Having been able to successfully pitch value to people, they would want to sign up to enjoy what you are offering. Don’t spoil the action here. Let signing up to your website be very easy and seamless. Let your form be as concise as possible and don’t ask sensitive questions. Whatever will not be related to your product in deciding their preference, discard.

Master the headline

Your headline has to be attractive to draw people to be interested in your content. You have to make the headline on point that people see the promise of a solution right away. Your headline is what people see first on your website and it has to be clear, understandable, and inviting at a glance. It must not be too short, or too long. Numbers have been noted to draw people; use numbers to attract. You can have something like: “20 Effective Ways to Lose Weight within 20 Days: A Fast and Effective Approach to Weight Loss”.

Irresistible offer

Make offers irresistible to visitors and customers to your site. Make them feel like they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by accepting your offer. This can be your shot at making them long term customers. Since you are a seller, you will have your products and services listed on your website. Offer them one free on the purchase of two. You can even offer two on the purchase of three. You can even offer a money back guarantee with no hassle. You’ve got a lot to compete with, thus, you have to do better.

Create Keyword-Targeted Landing Pages

This will help your website with online visibility. When visitors input keywords to make particular searches, your landing page gets to appear if you have it optimized with the necessary keywords. If you are not an expert in search engine optimization, get one as your online visibility depends largely on it. Focus on keywords that will drive the needed traffic to you and invariably increase your conversion rate.

How you can leverage traffic from social media or search engines

Advertise on several social media platforms by using ads that will direct visitors straight to your landing page. A lot of people are on social media and the promise of the perfect solution that you offer in your ad can draw the traffic to you. Working on optimizing your website for recognition to search engines is very important. The person imputing the keywords is invariably looking for information – present your website as the best and sufficient source.

Offer content upgrades to boost your e-mail list

Content upgrades are more of an opt-in bribe. This means that when they register, they have the promise of more exciting content. Content upgrades can grow your email list in a matter of hours or days, depending on the traffic you have. You can have a free pdf on an interesting issue. You can also have a challenge or the promise of daily tips.

Opt-in incentives

Just as discussed above, your opt-in incentives are like little bribes or compensation for subscribing to your website. Let the opt-in incentive be attractive and compelling. Though it will be specifically in line with your niche, find something that can attract people to subscribe. You can use the promise of a premium content access on subscription. You can even offer audio and videos from a recent webinar you might hosted or have rights to.

In conclusion, your email list is very important. It is how you can get to always stay in touch with customers on a frequent basis to tell them about offers, new products and services, etc. It has to keep growing and thus, you must have a strategy as to that.

Independent Sporting Goods Retailer Association is here for all of your sporting goods industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Hack Your E-mail Lists; Grow and Make Sales. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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