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Five Ways to Boost Your Customer Experience

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

What sets you apart from your competition is how you present your products or services. You arguably sell the same product/service as another but what makes your product extra-special is the customer experience you add to it. Customers would always return to where they are treated right. People love the special treatment – give them. A good customer experience stays in the min for a long time and it attracts customers. In moments where little issues occur; the business is easily excused as they are known for excellent customer relations. It can be very compelling when an experience gets better every time one experiences it.

Below are five ways to boost your customer experience.

Set Up Your Consumer Experience Analytics

You have work with data in knowing where you stand. You need an estimate or an aggregate on how customers feel about your store. A consumer experience analytics in a way of getting this. With this you can study what is giving your customers awesome experiences and how to improve on it. Most business center owners don’t think about collecting data to understand the problem. Many still feel the old school way of doing the same old thing will keep the foot traffic high. However, with the ease and efficiency digitalization brings, more customers can be drawn to patronize the business center.

With data gotten from the analytics, work on increasing the foot traffic through several exciting ways. You should have a substantial amount in your budget allocated to giving customers an experience they would want to come back for. This will invariably increase your sales and help you make long lasting customer relations. Shopping is meant to be enjoyed; it is even a hobby for some – don’t spoil the fun.

Personalize Your Packaging

How do you package the purchased items? Do you have a branding that people can be proud to carry about? You should have your personalized and branded plastic bags and other packaging kits to add color to your marketing. Have you ever noticed how people love to show off shopping bags of top brands? These top brands also design the packaging to bring out elegance and class.

Personalizing your packaging tells customers – present and potential – that you care about every detail and you are keen on giving the best customer service. More, you can give your packaging a design that is unique to your brand. Let your packaging alone be a point of attraction to customers. Even if you are not a top brand, copy their style by personalizing your packaging.

Give Away Free Stuffs

Free stuffs have a way of drawing people to you. Look at how people rush to get items at clearance and opening sales because there is always a price cut. You have to use free stuffs to draw people. This can be done by giving discounts, promotional offers, souvenirs, and other stuffs. You can organize a Christmas party for loyal customers where they can receive free gifts. Also, you can have a discount sale to attract more customers.

It is very essential that when you are giving free stuffs, do wide and extensive publicity. Your aim as a marketer is to sell your products and get yourself as much publicity as possible. When people hear that you engage in giving free stuffs, they will want to benefit. When you give out free stuffs, you make an investment that you reap for a long time. You enter into relationships with new customers and you deepen your relationships with existing ones.

Fix Problems Before They Happens

Problems can cost you a lot to fix, especially if it happens with customers. Give the customer a perfect customer experience by having all problems fixed before the customer walks in.

Do you take note of everything in your business center? You may have to act like a perfectionist in the way you handle things dealing with your store. For instance, it can be very costly to repair the bad customer experience gotten from a cashier who insults a customer. You may end up losing the customer and the people within the customer’s circle because of that problem. This is why you should train your staffs in the way they should relate with customers. It is not out of place to practice walking into your business center yourself and have a simulation of the experience your customers would have.

Where a problem is likely to occur, fix it before it does. Don’t let a problem lie for a long time as it can be very detrimental. It is not impossible that some unexpected problems may occur. However, the likelihood is minimal compared to that of problems you know can likely happen.

Personalize the User’s Experience

Give every customer an experience that positions them as the major player. People love to see themselves in charge; they want to have products and services that are perfectly suited for them. This will make every customer feel special. Online retailers utilize this. They provide experiences that make the customer feel involved. Let customers give their preferences, colors, points of interests and incorporate them into what they get.

An example that comes to mind is that of a suit tailor who gives every customer a personalized touch. He does this by putting the customer’s preferred name or initials where designers put their names. A lot of people enjoy this touch as it makes them feel special and connected to what they wear.

In conclusion, what it means to have an awesome customer experience simply is giving customers what will make them come back for more. It is just like having a delicious and hearty breakfast at a restaurant coupled with charming attendants, free water, and a great window view – all these for a little amount. One would want to return there for the next morning breakfast. Before long, that place becomes a morning ritual.

You may be giving out a something to draw customers in; it is an investment.

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