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About Speedminton Sporting Goods Corp

Speedminton is the innovative alternative to tennis, badminton, spike ball, beach ball and other beach games for adults and kids, providing ultimate fun. The young sport combines the best of other racket sports and inspires young and old all over the world in clubs, leagues and tournaments – play without a net, whether indoor or outdoor, in the backyard or the park, on tennis courts or at the beach.

With your Speedminton equipment, you can play anywhere and anytime! All you need is two rackets, a Speeder and you’re ready to go. The Speeder is specially designed for outdoor play, wind resistant up to wind force 4 and has a stable flight path of 100ft. There are no limits for you: play in the park, on the street or in the backyard – fun is guaranteed. There is no net and with the glowing night Speeder you can play even in the dark.

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