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About Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases

Since 1997, Seahorse has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing hard, waterproof, protective cases for multiple uses and applications. All products are 100% made in the USA. All designing, manufacturing, testing, and distribution is done in-house, at our Southern California facility.

From Micro cases to large rolling cases, we offer various sizes, configurations, and accessories to protect and secure your valuables from impact, damage, and the most ferocious of conditions. Watertight, crush resistant, and dust roof; Seahorse cases have been engineered to withstand the elements and ensure that your goods are protected. Regardless of a change in temperature or altitude, our cases can adapt with their automatic pressure equalization system.

The following is just a small sample of valuables Seahorse cases house and protect: Wallets, phones, keys, GPS units, cameras, lenses, drones, Audio/Visual equipment, Surveying equipment, laptops, tools (of all sizes and capacities) various electronics, and firearms (pistols and rifles). Of course with numerous customization options and accessories such as Pick N Pluck foam, keyed locks (plastic or metal), padded dividers, laptop trays, lid organizers, Seahorse cases can protect just about any item imaginable.

Seahorse cases are currently utilized by those in a vast variety of industries such as law enforcement, firefighters, medical field, military, entertainment industry, stage production, outdoor adventurists, and hobby enthusiasts.

All Seahorse products proudly come with a lifetime guarantee.

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