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About Lionheart Lifting LLC

At Lionheart, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to the tools they need to reach their goals, regardless of the lifestyle they live. That’s why we have reimagined strength sand fillable plates as tools that can benefit anyone, whether you’re a caregiver, a service member, or simply someone who wants to improve their physical fitness. Our products are specifically designed to serve those who are determined to pursue their passions.

The Lionheart Plate is a unique type of barbell and multi function plate made from tactical fabric that can be filled like a regular training sandbag. They were created by a team of U.S. military veterans who understand the challenges of traditional weightlifting equipment, which is often not portable and difficult to transport. Our versatile plates can be used on and off the barbell for various exercises, such as squats and curls, and also work as ruck plates or conventional sandbags.

The Lionheart Plates are an affordable and practical alternative to metal plates or rubber bumpers, as they are highly portable, storable, and safe to drop on most surfaces, including concrete, wood, and carpeting. The patent-pending interior design allows for quick and easy filling using dry sand, dirt, etc., making it easy to adapt the plates for any workout, anywhere, in minutes. Moreover, the Lionheart Plates come with exterior grip handles, which offer a wide range of off-bar training options and grab-and-go convenience.

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