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About Lebboulder Industries

Lebboulder industries was created by workout enthusiasts to create quality workout accessories that combine elite functionality with superior comfort, while keeping you safe from injuries, abrasions, and other workout related ailments. We offer a full line of workout accessories and equipment, all created with our unique designs, and personal touch.


Adjustable hand grip strengthener

Lebboulder hand grips are constructed to be durable and offers users a top quality design with stainless steel tension springs, comes with adjustable dial that can be adjusted from 22 to 88 pounds (10-40KG); Non-slip handles covered with soft, comfortable and durable rubber for frequent and comfy usage.

Fitness jump rope

Jump roping is great for cardio, getting your whole body involved, while burning fat and promoting a healthy heart. Our Speed Rope is design with tennis grip handles, and adjustable ropes, so you get a comfortable, and effective workout every time. We also included an additional weighted rope for those days when you just feel… driven.

Ab wheel

People looking for a quick and effective way to tone their abs and build their core turn to the ab wheel. The ab wheel has gained popularity with a generation that doesn’t have time, or patience, for long and weary workouts, giving them the opportunity to get the beach body they crave, in just minutes a day.

Exercise Ball

Anti burst | 2X the thickness | 65”

A strong core is paramount to a strong overall body condition. Professional athletes focus on a combination of core strength, balance, and heightened body awareness, to prevent injuries and maximize their performance ability. All these things are conveniently built using the same workout accessory. The stability ball

Workout gloves

Lebboulder’s crossfit workout gloves are designed to help you lift more, while preventing annoying (and painful), hand conditions such as abrasions, calluses, and blisters.
Our advanced grip technology holds strong when lifting heavy weights, enabling you to up your payload, without worrying about slipping.

Ventilated design and protective genuine leather exterior provides maximum support allowing you to achieve your muscle building goals, while the unique wrist strap is adjustable to ensure a tight and secure fit, every time.

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