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About Kelken Enterprise, LLC
For over 40 years Kelley Peregoy, President of Kelken Enterprise, LLC has been teaching golf to novices and pro golfers. Unlike many other instructors who focus on technique, swing, stance and timing, Kelley has developed new aids and equipment creating the best possible tools to help you improve. Kelley has dedicated his whole life to helping golfer’s improve their game and enjoy it more. If you don’t have the right tools you’re making it harder to improve than needed.

PRO AIR GRIP GOLF GLOVE – The Pro Air Grip Golf Glove is made with our patented air-glove technology and made from fine Cabretta Leather. This technology lines the inside of the glove with tiny air pockets that isolate the club from being gripped too tightly, resulting in a lighter, more relaxed grip. Do you suffer from occasional slices, hooks, or other problems as a result of your grip? Our patented technology is specifically designed to result in longer, straighter, more consistent drives.

Most golfers squeeze the grip too tight, which causes hooking or slicing and other problems. Our golf glove takes the guesswork out. Golfers will ask, ‘how much pressure should I use’? You are supposed to grip it as light as you can. This is hard to do throughout the whole swing because of the swing speed without losing the club.

INCINERATOR GOLF BALL – The Incinerator Golf Ball was designed to prevent hooking or slicing, Guaranteed!! The Incinerator golf ball features special aerodynamic patented and USGA-approved technology that significantly reduces hook & slice. Enjoy longer and straighter drives with our premium golf ball.

PRO AIR PUTTER GRIP – The Pro Air Putter Grip is designed to prevent the golfer from using their hands and makes them use their shoulders, making for a better putting stroke. A color cord is attached to the putter grip to adjust the grip to your desired firmness. The cord comes in red, orange and purple. The leather is made from the same Cabretta Leather as our Pro Air Grip golf glove. This makes the putter grip super soft, making putting enjoyable, relaxing and makes for better scores.

Our products come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! No questions asked!

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