Hole In One Brands LLC

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Hole In One Brands LLC

This is a story about our passion – for great food, great friends, and great, big dreams. A story that started with a simple question: Can we make a snack that tastes great and just might give us a boost of energy and focus to make a hole-in-one? Our team set out to create the answer. We talked, we researched, we tasted, and yes, we threw back a few with friends in the clubhouse. And Hole In One snacks was born.

We set the bar high. We didn’t spend a minute thinking about what we could take out or substitute. Instead, our snacks are full of real food – nutritious nuts, wholesome grains, high-quality chocolate and caramel. Spiked with caffeine, Hole In One bars are a handful of great tasting energy to help you focus on your dreams.

A lot of tasting, and sipping, goes into every Hole In One snack. We start with carefully selected ingredients like rich dark chocolate, hickory smoked bacon, smooth whiskey, fiery chipotle peppers and fresh fruit bursting with flavor. We combine them in unexpected ways until we score a really great-tasting, totally unexpected combination.

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