Gobi Heat

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About Gobi Heat

Gobi Heat offers the most durable and dependable heated apparel on the market. From heated jackets and hoodies to heated gloves and socks, you can stay warm no matter what you find yourself doing. Jackets with up to 10 hours of battery life, 3 heat settings, and a variety of colors will keep you feeling fashionable and warm throughout the cold winter months.

Several different product categories will help equip any retail retail partner with a wide array of heated items including: heated jackets, heated hoodies, heated gloves, heated socks, heated safety jackets, heated hunting gear, and heated vests. Gobi’s vision is to allow anyone and everyone to enjoy the activities they love throughout the winter.

Gobi Heat is named after the vast Gobi Desert that straddles both Mongolia and China. The Gobi Desert is a fascinating place because its temperatures range from 122ºF in the summer to as low as -27ºF in the winter. The Gobi reminds us to be ready for anything. Much like its namesake, Gobi Heat strives for ongoing growth and evolution. Harness the heat of the desert with Gobi Heat Heated Apparel.

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