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About Go Strong CBD

Thank you for your time viewing our product line. Venture Introductions Inc. DBA Go Strong CBD is a woman led company located in Southern California. Our line was developed by Doctor’s who spent years studying the bodies endocannabinoid system to provide effective relief and maximum bio availability. In short, it works. Our products are also manufactured in Southern California. We adhere to strict FDA requirements. We use only the highest quality ingredients and maintain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance. We do this to ensure that we are delivering safe, premium products to our clients. We source all products in the United States and always have our products tested by 3rd party laboratories for safety and accuracy.

Our Go Strong Brand topical products are THC Free which makes them an ideal fit for sports stores, fitness enthusiasts and the active consumers. Our labels contain various sports images and “Go Strong” is synonymous with winning and high level performance. Additionally we included in the color scheme, a yellow tint variant, recognized under Lance Armstrong’s Go Strong movement that was so popular. Subconsciously, anyone who see’s the Go Strong brand already feels it is a trust worthy, recognizable name.

Go Strong is currently only in the topical arena, however, we are working on expanding with a Maximum Strength 250mg broad spectrum soft gel cap under this brand. Our pricing for this is competitive with similar soft gel caps at 10% (25mg) of the strength. At this time, we have not come across any other brand that is specifically branded towards this segment of buyers.

Our market research indicates OTC topical products are among the largest growing segment of over the counter products (without CBD). Our research indicates topical “Pain” relief products have a Compound Average Growth Rate of 7.6% with patches at 9%. The Compound Average Growth in the CBD industry is expected to be 45% or more in the next few years. Roughly 40 percent of U.S. adults age 21 and over indicated a willingness to explore CBD under the right conditions. This is approximately 60 million people aged 21-55.

Key data points on the Potential User

• 40% of adults 21+ express interest in CBD
• Most (64%) are 35+ years old
• Majority are female (56%)
• Have college experience (79%)

Working with us, know that your success matters and you are a key part of our success. We want to work together to create a Win Win for you as well as the consumer. We are looking forward to hearing from you and proving to you that we are the CBD company with heart.

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