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About FaceSoft

“the” Ultimate Sustainable Sweat Towel – the softest and most absorbent workout towel on the market!

FaceSoft company is the manufacturer and marketer of the highest quality eco-friendly sweat towels. We offer towels purposely designed to be the sustainable sweat towel, better towel, better ocean, better you. We developed our towels together with trainers and yogis in the studios of Miami; our active towels have a unique long and thin shape that was designed to fit around your neck perfect for your workout. During the invention of the product, our owner learned of the many harmful effects of micro-fiber towels on our environment, especially our oceans, and the terrible performance micro-fiber towels force on consumers. Micro-fiber towels are made of plastic, and they were developed to clean the floor; micro-fiber towels are in-organic and not biodegradable. Lastly, micro-fiber plastic in rough on your skin, and do not absorb sweat. FaceSoft towels are made of “cotton” which is the best material for a sweat towel. Cotton is a plant, organic and biodegradable, super soft and clean for your skin and the best material to absorb sweat. All our towels use our own custom Aqua-Cotton yarn, which is long staple, super thin and no twist. This provide a luxuriously soft product that is significantly different than all micro-fiber towels in the market. One touch and you will feel for yourself, our towels are Soft like a Cloud!

Eco-Friendly Sweat towels – Colors

Our towels are luxuriously soft on your skin and provide the ultimate absorbency for your sweat, truly the ultimate towels for your workout. Also, all our towels are sustainable and will naturally return to the earth, and our oceans after a long life of use. We offer numerous vivid colors so you can select your favorite color and match workout outfit.

Charcoal-Detox towels

Our towels will “detox your workout”. Each towel is “Infused with Activated Charcoal” a new and significant break-through in technology for the towel industry. This unique Charcoal technology pulls oils and toxins from your skin and give you a detox while you workout. The charcoal comes naturally from trees that are responsibly harvested. Our charcoal is infused into our towels not shaken on, so the charcoal will not wash out and will last the life of the towel. The charcoal is also like magic as it can naturally re-active with heat, from the washer, dryer, or even the sunshine and be ready to go for your next workout. This is our best-selling towels and there is nothing like our Charcoal-Detox Towels in the market – patent-pending

2X PRO Charcoal-Detox towels

Our last offering is our PRO SERIES towel which takes detoxing to the next level. All towels are infused with “double” activated charcoal of our best-selling towels to pull extra toxins, oils, and more impurities from your skin; this provides you with a deep cleanse that will help your skin achieve that glow. For those with bothersome skin, just try our 2X PRO towels for a short time you can expect your skin to clear and be radiant – patent-pending

Our towels come in 2 sizes:

Active Size – 38 x10* – long and thin to fit perfectly around your neck – the perfect sweat towel!

Mini Size 10”x9” – washcloth sized version of our Active towels. Fit in pocket or strap for easy access during workout!

FaceSoft Towels are purposely designed to be “the” Ultimate Sustainable Sweat Towel replacing harmful micro-fiber “plastic” towels. It is our mission to help our earth, and our oceans. We hope you will join our mission. Better towel. Better ocean. Better you.