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About the CasusGrill

CasusGrill is the revolutionary 100% natural, sustainable and totally disposable instant grill, that’s ready to use in 5 minutes and provides heat for up to an hour, so you can cook delicious food with a crispy barbecued finish anytime, anyplace, anywhere. CasusGrill is the world’s only biodegradable Grill sets up in minutes & lights quickly without requiring lighter fluid. Plus, it cooks evenly for over 60 minutes at an even 600 degrees (Fahrenheit)… to help you prepare perfectly cooked food.

The CasusGrill Is A Marvel of User-Friendly Design…
– It sets up, lights, and is ready to use in just 5 minutes.
– It’s compact, light weight, and incredibly easy to set up.
– It’s made for one-time use and is entirely natural and biodegradable.
Our customers LOVE the CasusGrill… and we think you will, too.

Constructed From 4 Simple, 100% Natural Components…
1) A cardboard frame provides a foldable, yet sturdy base material.
2) The 100% bamboo grill grates guarantee that you’ll always start with a clean, fresh cooking surface every time you grill. No more greasy, grimy, and unsanitary metal grills.
3) Our lava stone thermal bed acts as a light-weight insulation material which directs the heat upward… for a hot, even cooking surface.
4) The 100% bamboo briquettes light easily and provide high, uniform heat… for over an hour.

Enjoy A Great Cooking Experience…
The CasusGrill isn’t just good for the Earth… it also provides a great cooking experience. Our bamboo briquettes can maintain an even 600-degree (Fahrenheit) temperature for over 60 minutes. And, when you’re done cooking, you can simply toss the entire grill into a campfire… or splash water on it and drop it into a trash can. Either way, it will naturally decompose. In a nutshell, our amazing little grill is incredibly convenient, works exceptionally well… and is good for the planet. The CasusGrill is Perfect for Any Outdoor Activity…Our compact grill has a wide variety of uses. It’s great for RVs, tailgating, camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, hunting, cycling, the beach, and apartment or high-rise living. If you have an electric stove at home, our grill also serves as a great back-up cooking source for emergency situations… such as when the power goes out.

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