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About Blackout Travel

Blackout Travel is a line of travel products by Foresight Creative Group. Consisting of our signature Blackout Bands TM, solar power chargers, unique travel accessory kits, electronics, and more, we create a lasting impression on the travel community of class and style. Blackout Travel, owned by Evan Forsythe and Kellan Lutz (Twilight Saga Actor), have created a unique line of products in their Blackout Series. Premiered on The Conan O’Brian show, The Today Show, Seth Myers, Queen Latifah, as well as many other prime time TV spots, these products have taken the name of THE travel gear to have.

The first product created by the company was their signature Blackout Bands TM. The worlds first sunglass style sleep mask. Bridging ergonomics and style, this product was created to use almost anywhere. With work demands increasing, sleep has become a precious commodity. From the first class seat to the secluded tree stand, these products fit all suitable clientele.

Foresight Creative Group has added a line of electronic components to their inventory list including out high powered 8000 mAh solar charger. With 2 1A and 2A ports, individuals can charge multiple devices simultaneously up to tablet size. Our Blackout Travel Solar Charger is a perfect trickle charger for anyone traveling to or from any destination. With a line of high quality headphone styles, we can cater to any customers audio needs. With Wired, Bluetooth, and True Wireless headphones, all budgets are within reach. Blackout Travel also has signature kits that give the customer a one stop shop at all of their “on the go” product needs.

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Blackout Bands World Press Commercial-

Blackout Bands Commercial-


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