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About Bear KompleX

Bear KompleX (BKX) entered the CrossFit and functional fitness market in early 2015 with Jake Rhodes and Nate Richie working closely with the highest level of athletes to help design the best hand grips on the planet. Shortly thereafter, the company’s patented two-hole and three-hole finger option hand grips swiftly developed a devoted following among serious athletes. The distinctive line of grips are made from genuine leather and carbon fiber to reduce slipping. They also have a custom wrist strap designed for comfort and support under the buckle. The BKX grips are engineered to protect athletes’ hands during training and competition. The company’s aim is sincere: to assist athletes and fitness freaks in attaining the maximum level of performance, whether training or competing. BKX provides hand grips that are not only durable, but comfortable. The full support and stability provided by the grips result in the better overall health of the committed CrossFit athlete. All BKX products, including top-performing weight belts, knee sleeves, plate carrier vests, sandbags, tactical packs, mobility tools and much more, are designed in the U.S. and can be found at

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