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About Angles90 Grips

As an Italian startup, we develop and market innovative fitness equipment since 2018. Our vision is to make strength training more natural, thus more effective and joint-friendler at the same time.

Invented, designed, and made in Italy! Back in 2017, Simon Sparber, former gymnast and Angles90 founder, cut off old ski-stick handles and attached them to a pull-up bar. The idea of Angles90 was born right there. Since then, we have built a community of 80,000 athletes and helped them to train more naturally!

The Angles90 Grips are the first dynamic training grips worldwide and offer numerous advantages:
– Less joint stress: A neutral grip position (palms facing each other) combined with the freedom of slightly rotating your arms is what feels most natural to us.
– New stimuli: Different grip positions require different muscles to be activated. A free grip position allows you to train exactly at the angle, which hits your target muscle the most.
– More stability: More dynamic movements help you develop more stabilization and muscle tension. These basic principles have proven to be beneficial in all types of strength training.
Attachable everywhere & certified for 800 lb.

– 80,000 clients worldwide
– 135,000 products sold
– 1,800 costumer reviews
– 100+ influencers

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