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Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Life will be better lived if lived more sustainably. However, how do we easily live sustainably? This question has been on the minds of many for long but they do not know that what it takes to live sustainably is at their fingertips. Easy ways to live sustainably will be shared below.

Reduce energy consumption

Technology has made life a lot easier. We can easily regulate the thermostat to give an indoor temperature most suiting to our needs. We can get information at the tips of our fingertips. Many other benefits abounds. However, all these come at a price: energy consumption. We consumer a lot in energy in this age the resultant effect is global warming. However, this can be reduced if we turn off electrical appliances not in use. Use a programmable thermostat that lowers or raises the temperature when you’re not home. Also, install energy-efficient appliances and devices.

Resell or give away unused items

Instead of burning or disposing some items that can still be of use, try reselling or giving them away. Many people buy new iPhones when they are released. The question of what to do with the old one comes. You can sell it or make it a surveillance camera – iPhone cameras are of high quality. Old clothes and children toys can be giving to charitable organizations who can take them to overseas countries for those who don’t have.

Use less plastic

It has been suggested that people drink more from taps. This is because plastic water containers end up being disposed and when they do, they are most times burnt or buried. However, they don’t decay or get burnt; they cause toxic waste to the soil. Plastic toys, decorating sets (such as plastic leaves, plastic vases, etc) and other plastic items should be bought less often. However, when we have plastics, it is good to convert them for other uses when their primary usefulness has been exhausted.

Reduce water usage

Reducing the amount of water you use will further help you to live sustainably. Install water-efficient toilets or dual-flush toilets that let you choose whether to use a full flush (for solid waste) or half-flush (for liquid waste). Newer clothes washers can automatically sense the smallest level of water needed for each load. Smaller changes, such as switching to water-saving shower heads and adding aerators to your sink faucets, are also effective ways to significantly reduce domestic water consumption.

Use less of your car

It is easy to get to work or other places with your cars, but it is not sustainable when everyone with a car puts it on the road. If we rely less on our cars, global gas consumption would reduce and we would be burning less fossil fuels. More, fewer cars would be on the road and traffic jams would be drastically reduced.

Make fair-trade products your choice

Fair-trade coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea and other products should be your choice as you are contributing your quota, that way, to sustainable labour and work practices.

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