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CRM Software for Sport Retailers

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Customer Relationship Management software is important for any business in any industry. But what are the best options for the sporting goods retail sphere? Check out these options to determine which ones you could be utilizing for your business.

  • Salesforce: Unify commerce everywhere and improve conversion rates.  Collect and integrate data from every touchpoint. Create immersive and personalized experiences.
  • HubSpot: Filter deals as you fit, look over important appointments, measure performance based on set quotas. Log crucial interactions no matter the channel. Timelines of important meetings, calls, emails and just about any interaction.
  • Freshsales: Develop efficiency starting with essential social profiles, relevant touchpoints. Capture leads, score their reactions, and match them with the right members of your team.
  • Pipedrive: Track campaign progress automatically. Streamlined view of your sales process.
  • ZOHO: Engage with leads across all channels. Assess your automated workflows. Take charge of time. Segment customers based on territorial boundaries and match them with the right reps.
  • BPM’Online: Monitor and find pattern from customer behavior. It lets you segment customers depending on their social demographics, geography and interests. Manage various types of loyalty / reward campaigns. Build comprehensive consumer information. 
  • Copper: Acquire your own email assistant. Automatic syncing allows your contacts to see your availability. Move Docs, Sheets, and Slides in a secure place. Work on multiple pipelines.
  • AMO: Transform emails into templates that extract vital info and fill in the lead card automatically. Real-time interface gives you visible changes. Measure the happiness and loyalty of your customers. Custom-build your CRM.
  • OnContact: Automate every essential phase of your sales cycle. Automate your marketing workflow. Track incidents and defects, reference knowledge base articles, assign and escalate cases, manage service agreements, and more.
  • InfoFlo: Spend more time on business, not on your CRM. Run high-level security on your local network or in your private cloud. Acquire all the capabilities critical to running your business. Set up custom fields.
  • vCita: Convenient online payments. The portal enables clients to access their activity history, request services, reschedule an appointments and more. Implement automated payment reminders.
  • Scoro: Conduct meaningful communication and efficient billing. Track lead movement.Comprehensive details about a customer’s linked projects, invoices or meetings.
  • Revamp: One secure place from which to manage everything. Match data with your business requirements, fill up additional contact details and map expanded fields. Leverage Revamp inside Gmail.
  • Simplify your deal workflow. Make the most of window of opportunities provided by your leads. Quickly match requests with listings or access important documents.

Independent Sporting Goods Retailer Association is here for all of your sporting goods industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the CRM Software for Sport Retailers. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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