5 Tips For Connecting With Your Ideal Customer On Instagram

As a brand, you must be looking for multiple channels to market your brand. Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users. Nowadays many different niche enjoy the engagement that Instagram has to offer. A good percentage of people believe that Instagram is a good platform for engagement. Users on Instagram have a buying mindset that’s why it is the best avenue to promote your brand to attract the potential customers. The important question that arises is how do you use Instagram to it’s full potential? How can you make most out of the potential customers present on Instagram? Here are a five tips that will help you connect with your ideal customer on Instagram.

  1. Post eye-catching images:

Posting an eye catching image on Instagram can describe or explain the message you are trying to deliver with just one glance. That’s why it is quite important to make eye catching images to promote your products. By doing this you have a high probability to make yourself known to the people. High quality and high resolution product photos will help you overcome the barrier between you and your customer.

  1. Create an Instagram contest:

Now that you have targeted audience on your channel it’s time to run an Instagram contest. Before making a contest on Instagram make sure you read the promotional guidelines, platform policy and community guidelines. A good Instagram contest has the following qualities.

A branded hashtag: it will help your customers to target qualified entries.

A good photo: it makes people to participate.

A relevant prize: it can be a promotional product, gift cards or discount vouchers.

  1. Improve your Instagram approach:

It is highly important for you to gain visibility for your brand via your Instagram account. Through this you can increase your reach therefore if you open opportunities to engage the Instagram users and eventually you can convert them to potential customers.

  1. Build customer relationship:

Engagement with your customers is not just about likes and comments but it is solely about how you try to reach to your customers. It is very important for you to make them get involved with your brand. Write action driven, attractive captions to engage them with your brand. Get your followers involved in relevant contests and respond to customers and thank followers for using your product.

  1. Improve your response rate:

Responding to your comments is very important in increasing engagements because customer engagement is a make or break point in retention. It is more important to retain customers, rather than gaining new ones. If a customer adds a negative feedback it affects your brand as well as the followers of your brand.

Here are a few bonus tips to increase your Instagram reach using hashtag:

  • Use three to five hashtag on your posts to avoid making it look like a spam.
  • Use your company’s brand name for local targeting.
  • Use your product name if you are promoting or marketing your product.