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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

When channeled towards productivity, technology can make a mountain load of tasks easy to begin and complete while ensuring continuous efficiency of the user. Ubiquitous computing and the daily improvements going on in the world of technology makes what was once difficult to do or analyze, easy.

Application of technology varies with varying field of endeavors. For individuals with busy schedules, while your secretary does a good job and ensuring you don’t miss a meeting or fail to submit a task before deadline; various smartphone technologies can make your schedules a lot easier for you to organize and execute in a more productive way. You’d agree that an effective schedule of your tasks and time will ease you of stress, make enough time for rest and pleasure, yet ensuring you are at the top-notch of your game when you must.

While there are several ways to leverage tons of technology in creating a better schedule for yourself, below are some often-used generally common ways to clean up your schedule with technology:

Task assignment: In an organization where tasks are assigned to different individuals in various departments, there is need to reconcile every task assigned to every individual. Traditionally, this is done using file. Once you’re done with an assignment, you bring the completion file to the secretary of whoever needs to review the task. This alone can reduce the productivity of both the task handler and task reviewer. Now, with applications like
Redbooth, you can assign task to anyone in your organization from your computer in a few clicks, notifying the person about the importance of the task, the completion deadline, who assists or should assist with the tasks and who to forward task completion notice to.

Task reminder: Gone are those days of sticking notes to your desktop monitor or your desk, to keep you abreast of the tasks you need to do and how long you have with them. With improvements in tech., you can use applications as simple as reminder apps to keep tabs on tasks you need to execute based on their priority and relevance. You can choose to get notifications hours or days or weeks before the submission deadline of a task. This eliminates the need to constantly check out the sticky notes at your desk to know task is next and which one can wait.

Calendar management: Calendar management software available both on mobile devices and PCs helps present heavy schedule in simple easy-to-read format that prevents the user from being overwhelmed by a quick glance at his/her heavy schedule. These tools are helpful in planning meetings, lunch, etc. and reduces the amount of time traditionally spent trying to look for free slots for a new schedule.

Online video conferencing: Before video conferencing, you travel down from wherever you are to a meeting venue for a meeting you can’t even predict the outcome. With technologies like online conferencing, you can be on vacation, yet, hold a meeting with your clients or employees 1000 miles away.

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