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4 Tech Trends Positively Changing the Workplace

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

There are several factors that can be considered to have significant impact on the workplace, but at the top of that list is Technology. From eliminating stress to making the workplace safer and secure, technology is really crucial to the effectiveness of the workplace. It has allowed development to take place in the various ways tasks are being performed, making it easier and faster.

Some of the benefits that technology adds to the workplace includes;

  • Technology makes work faster and more effective.
  • It encourages innovation and creativity.
  • It increases profit.
  • Technology makes it possible to achieve coordination.
  • There is room for innovation and creativity.

There is no doubt that technology is great for the workplace. According to a research by Gallup’s State of the America Workforce, the teams that were engaged shows 21% more profitability, while only 51% of individuals feel engaged at work.

These reasons and statistics are good enough to make any employer consider the 4 tech trends positively changing the workplace:

Improved safety in the workplace for everyone

Being in an unsafe workplace is not what anyone wants. This would cause a drop in productivity and satisfaction. The employees would generally feel unsafe in such environment and might not be willing to stay for a long time. Technology easily curbs this sort of situation with programs like Artificial Intelligence that can help serve as a virtual HR. Employee would be able to make complaint and report cases of harassment as soon as they happen. This would automatically reduce incident of harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Diversity is embraced

It is important that all members in an organization feel heard and included in any workplace. There would be different personalities working in the same place, and their differences should serve to contribute positively to the workplace. In a company like Google, an engineer wrote a ten-page document, to go against his employer’s diversity initiative. The letter described the discrimination against women in the workplace and explains how they were being underrepresented. This bias exists mildly in several organization and there are host of ways technological advancement is helping to correct them. There are already VR technology been used to train people to understand how they have been unconsciously biased and how to challenge each of them.

Artificial Intelligence gets integrated into the workplace

AI is already famous, with almost every new gadget possessing one of it. As of now, there are about one thousand AI vendors in support of all types of companies and peoples. The chatbots which belongs to the AI family is expected to start working as the personal assistant for several organizations, and this would help to reduce the work load on employees. Although, it might also reduce the amount of staff needed in a particular workplace. Moreover, as the effectiveness of this piece technology is tested, more employers would start seeing the need to integrate them into the workplace.

Improved work flow with better collaboration

Using digital technology in the workplace allows seamless flow of work. It allows the employees to collaborate better, and transforms how work is completed. Tools like Slack, Skype, Google Docs and even Spreadsheet has made it easy for worker to communicate more effectively without the barrier of distance. So, engagement of staff is not left to chance but happens with tools that make sure that the company success is guaranteed.

Conclusively, technology would continue to find relevance in all areas of life and the workplace is not an exception. And as employers see how effective this factor is in helping them create a safer, more effective and better work place, they would continue to integrate it.

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