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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Social media has in some way changed the way things are done in the world today. There are immense benefits one can derive from using various social media platforms which had made people to take advantage of the times we are in. About a 1 billion people are active on Instagram in a month and 500 million of that number use Instagram on a daily basis. With that statistic it is very way to see why brands choose Instagram to improve the image of their brand.

Instagram is loaded with different features that help people connect with the world around them. One of such features is the Instagram story. It allows a collation of pictures and videos which can be overlaid with text and graphics. Instagram stories only last for 24 hours and there is no limit to the number of pictures and videos you can post. This feature can become a viable tool in improving the image of your brand, but you need to how about it the right way.

Luckily, there are three tips on how to use to these stories to boost your brand:


First things first, you will need to gain sufficient following because without a good following your stories won’t have a wide reach. Start making these connections. Consequently, give your new followers a tour of what you do. Uncover the truth behind your brand and let people really see what you are truly about. You can give the people a glimpse of your work area, some of your equipments and generally introduce yourself to your new world.


This is a chance to give the people a little show. Your Instagram story gives you the opportunity to showcase your product in a clearer light. For instance, makeup brands on Instagram can Livestream a makeup session with a client or give a before and after look to show what you are really marketing.


Since your Instagram story disappears after some time you can keep the people talking by giving teasers of promos and new products. The essence is to create a buzz around your brand that engages the people. In addition to giving teasers, you can engage your followers via your Instagram story. You could hold a Q&A session or reward loyal customers in a bid to push traffic to your page and ultimately boost your brand image.

Your Instagram stories give you a new and precise way of reaching your followers, foster relationship and affords luxury of reaching a wider audience. The key is to keep the audience engaged from time to time with unique and relatable content. In a bid to push market your brand and products you have to try not to bombard your audience with too much information, know when to pull away in order to create a desire.

Find what works our best for you and experiment. It is time you take advantage of Instagram and its wealth of opportunities

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