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And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

LinkedIn is the largest social media marketing platform for professionals and business on the world wide web today. It is a web platform that houses billions of businesses and business professionals in different fields, bridging the distance barrier with only a few clicks. LinkedIn is the Google of professionals and businesses; a marketplace of professionals. It where you go to, to get professional information about a person or a business you probably just heard about or looking to patronize.

This largest hub of business and business professionals did not attain this ranking all on its own. Over the years, LinkedIn has been known to help businesses and employers hire individuals with the right skillset needed to grow their businesses. It has also facilitated connections among businesses and professional individual. Businesses and individuals now use LinkedIn recommendation from reliable sources, to determine the value of a business or a professional.

However, not everyone gets noticed on LinkedIn. This is because many people’s LinkedIn pages are like hay in a haystack. You just cannot pick them out of the company of other users of the platform. As a professional who intends to leverage this platform for personal and business growth, you need to be more like a cup-cake, with that little cherry on top, attracting a lot or similar professionals, businesses and business owners.

How can you make your LinkedIn page unique amidst others? Let’s look at the 3 vital ways to make your profile unique:

Address your profile

Your profile page says a lot about you – who you are, what you do, and what kind of opportunities you’re in search of. A profile page completed two steps beyond the intermediate level makes you more prominent to show up in people’s search.

Make sure to use the summary correctly – let it say a lot about you. Sell yourself using attention grabbing, yet descriptive headlines and keywords. Rather than describing what you do at your current workplace, do some keyword search analytics related to what you do and what you can offer – use these words to curate your summary.

Your background, skills and accomplishments are the other things you should look out for. Don’t put what you’re not in there. Be you. Include your achievements, past and present projects, volunteer experiences, and others.

Use the feed feature

Like you can post things on other social media entertainment platforms, you can also post articles, blogs, stories, and more on your LinkedIn feed. You can share your views about certain developments in your field and other interesting topics. You can talk about the current trends in art, technology, finance, health, music, etc., as it applies to you. You can share media of what you do or have done. You can even engage people by putting up survey polls to know people’s views on a subject.

While posting, keep in mind that this is a professional platform and your feed must be professional. It might be the entry point for your next huge connection.

Grow your connections

One tree cannot make a forest. The essence of using LinkedIn is to meet people for business and professional reasons. Don’t be scared to connect with people; don’t also send unsolicited direct messages to them – it can be embarrassing. Be professional. Let your work speak for you. Accept invites from others. Get recommendations from your connections that knows what you do and can do.

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