3 Ways To Decrease Stress

Stress can kill your productivity and it might make you work less and get tired more enough. Often times between meeting your deadlines, making dentist appointments and remembering to mow your lawn anyone can get deeply stressed. It may sound hard to believe you can stay calm in the middle of your chaos. Next time you are incredibly stressed try these three simple tips that can help you calm down.

  1. Close your eyes:

This might sound absurd but take a few moments to daydream. Dream about what can help you ease your stress for example imagine yourself lying on the beach and it’s a sunny day. Simply curled up reading your favorite book; imagining scenarios in your head can help you distress almost immediately and it will take your mind off of things. Such good thoughts will help you get through the hard and stressful days at work while you are working in your dull and boring cubicle.

  1. Just breathe:

It is a very easy but effective technique. Taking full and deep breaths is a very easy way to relax almost immediately. Inhale and fill your belly with breaths and slowly count while letting it out. Feel the release of your chest and belly every time you draw a deep breath. Do this technique for about ten times and you will feel a sudden wave of relief from all the stress you might be facing in your home or in your workplace. Long breathes are also a good remedy when you are surrounded by people and your stress is peaking and you think you might not be able to work well with it.

  1. Relax your muscles:

While you are exercising, focus on your breathing and on slowly tensing and then relaxing your muscles. If you have spent a whole day sitting by the table, take short breaks and stretch your muscles. Tighten your leg muscles for a few seconds and then release. Move slowly up your body and end on your face. Or you can begin from your hands and shoulders and work your way down. This will help your muscles become sore from the stress that you have been dealing with and it will also relax your mind.

If a person doesn’t deal with stress right away it can become very hazardous to the person, not just because it affects mental health it also has adverse effects on the person’s physical health. This can over all decrease the effects of productivity in the person and make them perform very lazily throughout their day. Stress makes a person anxious and anxiousness ultimately triggers anxiety which is a mental illness and has to be cured over time.