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About the ISGRA

The Independent Sporting Goods Retailers Association was created to support its members’ efforts to grow the business, discover and share new trending product lines and create a platform for it’s members to stay educated on new retail opportunities.

Healthy & Fit

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The ISGRA Promotes A Holistic Approach To Exercise

Nutrition Trends

You can’t play at your peak when you’re undernourished. Keep on top of the latest nutrition trends.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most common reasons why Americans enter a sporting goods retailer. Learn more about these trends.

Mental Peace

As our lives get busier, learning about yoga items and other meditation products can benefit your customers.

Home Training

Staying fit can be as easy as 20 minutes in on your favorite machine 3 times a week. Learn what home fitness tools are most popular.


Theft and employee issues can lead to considerable losses to your bottom line. Understand new techniques on how to prevent these events.


The heart is a muscle and it needs to be exercised. Learn about the latest trends in adult fitness and aerobic sports before they hit the evening news.

Virtual Trade Shows!

As the world grows smaller through technology, our members agree that virtual trade shows give them a broader range of conversations than traditional meetings. While face to face relationships will always be the best, we’ve created a platform that allows our members to learn about new innovations visually from their desk.

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